Eagle Scout

Awarded Feb. 23, 2006

Highest rank awarded in the Boy Scouts of America

Matthew Resh

    My graphic design experience goes back to my years in high school. I started off with taking some basic graphic art classes, then went on to more advanced classes learning more skills and techniques. I enjoyed sitting in class creating whatever design idea popped into my head that day. After high school I did a few designs for some patches. A few of them were used by a local Boy Scout troop, and another for a local volunteer fire company.

Since then I have been keeping myself sharp and active with designing. I am constantly  working to advance my skills and knowledge in the field, pushing and testing myself. Now that I've had real world experience and training from being in the sign industry, my skills as a designer got a lot cleaner and much sharper. And still each day I try and push my skills and to learn new ones, growing my knowledge.

So there was just a brief history of myself and how I've come into the world of graphic design. Thank you for taking the time to look over my portfolio and I hope you liked my work. 


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