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Matthew Resh


    My love and experience with graphic design all started back in high school. It started off with just taking a basic introductory graphic arts class. Learning photo manipulation and creating different kinds of printed material like business cards and flyers all in Photoshop. This was a fun new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. So I decided to keep it going and went onto more advanced classes learning more skills and techniques. I would enjoy just sitting in class creating whatever design idea popped into my head that day just for fun. I would even sit in the classroom working on things while I ate my lunch. During my senior year, we were tasked with a project to create that years graduation program cover and ticket design. And from those designs out of all the graphic art classes, one would be chosen and used for that years graduation. Being that I was graduating that year, I knew that my designs needed to be the ones they would pick. And they did, my design for the program cover and ticket were chosen to be used for the BHS 2006 Graduation Commencement Ceremony. That's when I knew this was what I wanted to do. After high school I did a few more designs, some patches, a few being for my old Boy Scout troop, and another for my old volunteer fire company.

Since then I have been keeping myself sharp and active with designing. I am constantly working to advance my skills and knowledge in the field, pushing and testing myself. Now that I've had real world experience and training from being in the sign industry, my skills as a designer have got a lot cleaner and much sharper using the latest vector art programs. And still each day I try and push my skills while learning new ones, ever growing my knowledge.


I continue to find ways of being creative, and in doing so picked up another creative outlet within photography. Being able to capture moments in time to have forever, memories that you can look back on for years to come, I enjoyed that, and I felt drawn to continue to do it and grow within that field as well. I've always believed that you should seek the things that you enjoy in life. Do the things that you are passionate about, where you can let your creativity shine. Because your creativity is just a mirror image and reflection of your inner true personality. 

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